What Sirius is getting in Pandora Media: A data snapshot

5 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Facts, News

This morning, Sirius XM Holdings ($NASDAQ:SIRIannounced that it would acquire Pandora Media ($NYSE:P) in a deal worth $3.5 billion in an all-stock transaction. This will create the "largest audio-entertainment company" of its kind.

In Pandora, Sirius gets a healthy subscriber base, with 6 million paying users and 71.4 million active users as of July 2018. Total Q2 revenue for Pandora was $384.8 million, up 12% year-over-year.

Hiring activity is also up at Pandora, which signifies more positive movement. But as we found, not everything is moving in that direction.

Pandora Media Job Listings up year-over-year

As of today, Pandora Media lists 142 openings on its careers site. At this time last year, it was hiring for just 72 positions. That's an almost 200% growth in hiring activity in just a year. Positive momentum when it comes to workforce is always a good sign of future health for a business.

Employees on LinkedIn

The number of people who claim Pandora as employer on LinkedIn, however, is down year-over-year. As of Friday, 2,910 people list Pandora Media as their employer. Last year at this time, that number was 3,020. While that's not a massive drop, it does show some signs of attrition, either through layoffs or people moving on from the company. The company did layoff 5% of its employees in January 2018, so much of the decline on LinkedIn is likely due to that.

Glassdoor Overall Rating

When it comes to what Pandora Media employees think of their workplace, reviews are on the decline, according to 301 reviews posted to anonymous workplace review site Glassdoor. As of today, overall workplace review ratings average out at 3.3 out of 5, down from 3.7 this time last year.

Glassdoor CEO Rating

Pandora CEO Roger Lynch has enjoyed above-average ratings, especially during his 2017 honeymoon period when employees gave him approval ratings as high as 93%. Since the January 2018 layoffs, however, his overall approval rating coasted to a more average 66%.

Glassdoor Business Outlook Rating

Glassdoor's "business outlook" rating asks employees to rate how they think the business they work for will fare in the coming 6 months. Pandora saw a steady decline in business outlook rating until this summer when it picked up a bit out of a low of just 19%. Today, that number sits at 27% — still unhealthy, but better than it was.

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