Uber employees are happy again, according to Glassdoor data

11 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Trends

Uber ($UBER), the ride-sharing company that has almost singlehandedly changed the way people think about getting around, is no stranger to controversy. It's come under scrutiny for the way it doesn't protect its drivers. It's come under fire for what it's doing to a once-burgeoning taxi-driver industry. And, in the summer of 2017, it almost burnt to the ground because of major internal cultural issues that likened its executive ranks to mysoginistic frat parties, cringingly called "Boober" by its then-CEO Travis Kalanick.

Dozens of executives were forced out or straight-up fired. Then, in August of 2017 Kalanick was replaced by ex-Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

If Glassdoor employee ranking data tells us anything, the moves appear to be working.

The Data

We looked at Glassdoor data for this story, which is imperfect, as it's based on anonymous ratings submitted by supposed employees. That said, Glassdoor regularly vets its data and has built its business on assuring that its ratings and company reviews can be trusted. We've been told by Glassdoor that, stastically speaking, more reviews a company has, the more its Glassdoor ratings can be trusted. In this case, Uber had 3,280 Glassdoor reviews, a significant number for the ratings site.

CEO Khosrowshahi's Rating Rise

Beginning this fall, we saw a perfect 100% satisfaction rating for Khosrowshahi before settling into a still-impressive 97% this winter (Glassdoor told us that the average CEO rating is around 65%). We're not sure what CEO rating Khosrowshahi inherited from Kalanick, as Glassdoor has a practice of (fairly) zeroing-out CEO rating data when they're repaced. That said, he started off at 88% at the end of the summer and appears to have built a very positive reputation among Uber employees.

Drop in Company 1-Star Ratings

Glassdoor asks employees to make an overall ranking of their company on a scale of 5 stars. Beginning in August, 2017, when Khosrowshahi first joined the company, the percentage of overall 1-star ratings went down from 16% to 15%. That may not sound terribly impressive, but when we look at raw numbers of 1-star ratings below, we see that 1-star ratings of the company have all but ceased, and settled at a cumulative 487 total 1-star ratings, holding steady at that number all fall after a steady rise over the summer.  

In other words, people have stopped giving the company 1-star ratings on Glassdoor.

Jump in Company 5-Star Ratings

The polar opposite of 1-star ratings, 5-star ratings by employees at Uber have been on the rise since Khosrowshahi joined the company last summer, both in percentage of ratings and cumulative numbers.

5-star rating percentage was at a low of 33% in August, 2017, meaning that of all the roughly 3,000 reviews, only one-third of Uber employees gave Uber a 5-out-of-5 stars on Glassdoor. That number has grown to 35% in what, as you see above, is a steady rate of daily growth.

Looking at the cumulative number of 5-star ratings, we see where that 2% uptick in 5-star ratings came from: In July before Khosrowshahi's arrival as CEO, 906 gave Uber a 5-out-of-5 employer stars. That number has steadily risen to 1,166 as of today.

So far, the data looks good for Khosrowshahi, even though some people are not fans. We'll keep watching.

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