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These were the biggest social media winners in October

1 year ago by James Mattone in People, Tech

Question: What did you do within an hour before reading this article? Or a better question: how did you find this piece? Most likely, the answer to either of those questions was being on Twitter ($NYSE:TWTR) or Facebook ($NASDAQ:FB). Social media rules our daily digital lives: so who's winning as of late?

This October, some brands made an absolute windfall on Facebook and Twitter, increasing their following by hundreds of thousands of users, or even doubling or quintupling the following they had at the beginning of the month. With thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts tracked on Thinknum, we can see the accounts that saw the biggest swing in Twitter followers and Facebook Likes during the month.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Arrayit make massive gains on Twitter

Screen Name  Followers (Min)   Followers (Max)   Followers (Change) 
Twitter  55,417,034  58,005,704  2,588,670
Cristiano  74,842,890  75,723,169  880,279
YouTube  70,826,860  71,614,095  787,235
neymarjr  41,086,164  41,485,424  399,260
KingJames  41,532,919  41,922,209  389,290
nytimes  42,041,563  42,428,152  386,589
Google  20,453,017  20,689,114  236,097
espn  33,681,121  33,909,032  227,911
MesutOzil1088  23,423,565  23,617,611  194,046
3gerardpique  18,755,009  18,943,863  188,854

Yep, Cristiano Ronaldo is still the most popular man alive.

Despite playing for Juventus, a team in a weaker league than Germany's Bundesliga or Spain's La Liga (according to UEFA country coefficients), as well as facing rape allegations, Ronaldo was second only to Twitter's official account in gained followers during the month of October. He also became the most-followed person on Instagram, surpassing Selena Gomez a few days ago.

In terms of actual brands, YouTube, a subsidiary of Google ($NASDAQ:GOOG), ranked third in the biggest follower change in October, gaining over 750,000 followers in just 31 days. Meanwhile, the New York Times continues to show that it isn't "failing," bringing in close to 400,000 as the midterm elections loom.

Screen Name  Followers (Min)   Followers (Max)   Followers (Change)  Followers (% Change)
arrayit  45,699  111,240  65,541 143%
blocktechcorp  10,095  22,598  12,503 124%
TheRomonaKeveza  11,432  23,721  12,289 107%
fuddruckers  13,571  23,182  9,611 71%
Vivienne_Hu  12,304  20,950  8,646 70%
Bareburger  66,334  109,627  43,293 65%
cuyana  13,385  21,080  7,695 57%
pizzarevco  116,457  180,278  63,821 55%
holidaylettings  14,008  21,144  7,136 51%
stonefiregrill  168,007  241,426  73,419 44%

Arrayit ($OTCBB:ARYC), a science research firm whose stock is trading below 10 cents, had a massive follower gain on Twitter. Considering that its social media profile is... Interesting to say the least... we might take this follower explosion with a grain of salt.

Elsewhere on the list, a few small restaurant chains made respectable gains to the tune of 44% or even 71% increases. Leading that list is Fuddruckers ($NYSE:LUB), the 39-year-old American restaurant that seems to have found new life in the internet age this October.

Other gainers include Bareburger, PizzaRev and Stonefire Grill, which are all privately owned businesses., Kimberly Clark get a boost on Facebook

Username  Likes (Min)   Likes (Max)   Likes (Change) 
wish  35,685,821  37,211,852  1,526,031
netflix  50,766,136  51,795,602  1,029,466
ToyotaSpecialShowroom  2,786,132  3,679,733  893,601
xiaomiglobal  4,283,399  5,114,597  831,198
djezzy  5,140,322  5,902,591  762,269
facebook  212,971,258  213,325,438  354,180
AlibabaUS  12,519,602  12,864,402  344,800
societegenerale.france  316,492  619,038  302,546
nikon  14,167,947  14,428,549  260,602
bookingcom  13,847,441  14,107,125  259,684

Continuing its breakout year, ($WISH) saw its Facebook page explode with 1.5 million users liking its pages over the past month. The e-commerce company brought in 100 million users in 2017, and has used Facebook as a primary way to further increase its customer base. In fact, it posted up thousands of advertisements in 2017, so much so that it drew some controversy among Facebook's active userbase.

Oddly enough, Facebook's own page didn't get as much of a Like increase, but then again, its following is more than every other page on the above list combined.

Username  Likes (Min)   Likes (Max)   Likes (Change)  Likes (% Change)
KimberlyClarkCorp  34,111  200,091  165,980 487%
societegenerale.france  316,492  619,038  302,546 96%
CreditAgricoleBankPolska  43,295  78,906  35,611 82%
ArchiveSouthAfrica  160,235  275,867  115,632 72%
AENetworks  13,680  20,522  6,842 50%
minervafoodsbr  13,402  19,304  5,902 44%
ToyotaSpecialShowroom  2,786,132  3,679,733  893,601 32%
limebike  16,979  21,808  4,829 28%
LiNing.Official  48,259  58,727  10,468 22%
ApolloOptik  31,805  38,164  6,359 20%
DieboldNixdorf  24,478  29,285  4,807 20%

Leading the way for the biggest percentage change in Likes is Kimberly-Clark Corp ($NYSE:KMB), a producer of personal care products such as Kleenex tissues, Cottonelle and Scott toleit paper, and Huggies diapers. It essentially quintupled its following on Facebook in only 30 days, an impressive feat for any company to muster.

Toyota ($NYSE:TM) had an absolutely solid month on Facebook as well; it had one of the biggest gains in Likes percentage wise and overall. With Toyotathon looming, the company seems poised to have promotions for its big annual sale reach over 3.6 million users on one of the world's most popular social media apps.

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James Mattone

James is the Associate Editor at Thinknum Media, mainly covering video games, food, and tech news, but not afraid to head into Sephora or beauty brands if need be...

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