Welcome to the long weekend! An extra day means more time to catch up on shows, drink too much, and read articles you may have missed on Thinknum Media. This week we took a deep dive into REITs affected by closures across multiple industries, profiled founders, and more. 

Here are our top stories from the last week.

Wait... there are good VCs?

  • Two weeks ago, we scraped VCguide to find out which VCs founders hated working with. This time we took a positive spin and tried to find out if there are any VCs out there who actually "add value" to companies they fund - or don't fund! Interesting trend: a lot of these VCs have really big biceps. Read the full list.
  • One of the worst questions you can ask a soon-to-be college grad is "how's the job hunt coming along?" The answer is almost always "terribly." We talked to Yuliya Mykhaylovska, a recruiter at Greylock, to find out what soon-to-be or recent grads can do to make sure they land a hot startup job right after donning the cap and gown. Read the full story.
  • Sam Bobley started document analysis company Ocrolus from his parents' kitchen. We spoke with Bobley about how he made Ocrolus into the 30th fastest growing company in the country. Read the full story.

Homes are the new gyms; Beauty brands clash; Warby Parker soars

  • Are you wearing glasses right now? I bet they're from Warby Parker. We took a deep dive on the eyewear disruptors history to show exactly how they took over the industry. Read the full story.
  • The future of gyms is uncertain due to COVID-19. Do you want to go life heavy objects and sweat around strangers who probably smell bad? I don't. And neither do consumers. At-home fitness brands are thriving now that there's a fitness void, and gym-goers might not ever return to the temple of iron. Read the full story.
  • War. War is... beautiful? Cosmetic brands Sephora and Ulta are trading blows in a battle to be the cosmetic company that emerges strongest from COVID-19. We looked at how the battle is playing out. Read the full story.

REITs aren't doing so hot; Ruby Tuesday goes bust; Let's (not) go to the movies

  • Every blockbuster movie in the last year has been delayed, and movie theaters are suffering. There have been closures throughout the year, but the most dramatic one occurred this week when Regal Cinemas announced it would close all U.S. and U.K. locations for the time being. We looked at how competitors are doing, and how REITs involved are faring. Read the full story.
  • RIP to Ruby Tuesday. The restaurant chain filed for Chapter 11 because nobody is going there. Also their food is terrible. We don't have data to support that last one, but you know its true. We looked into who will scoop up their business and, yes, how REITs are doing (they're not doing great.) Read the full story.

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