Time Inc.'s decline as seen via Glassdoor and LinkedIn data

9 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Features

Time Inc. — or what's left of Time Inc. — is up for sale now that Meredith Corporation has sliced off the pieces it wants the most after a protracted acquisition. The left over titles on the auction block include Time, Fortune, Money, and Sports Illustrated.  Analysts say the remains of Time Inc. could fetch as much as $200 million.

But behind those numbers and fascinating media news bits are thousands of employees who are unsure about their futures. According to Linkedin data, 4,200 people still claim to work for the company. It should also come as no surprise that job listings at the company have all but stopped, with positions at the New York headquarters completely ceased.

Perhaps the best way to understand the current state of culture at Time Inc. is by looking at data that we pull from Glassdoor, the site that collects anonymous employee reviews about companies.

As the data shows below, working for a company that's being sliced and diced and sold for leftovers isn't exactly a great place to work.

Glassdoor's overall rating is on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "very dissatisfied", 3 being "OK", and 5.0 defined as "very satisfied". As of today, Time Inc. employees' overall rating of the company sits at 3.0.

Glassdoor says that its CEO ratings are "based on the percentage of employees who approve of their CEO. Employees have the option to rate their CEO during the company review process." As of today, Time Inc.'s CEO rating is at 22% after and end-of-April low at just 3%.

Employees' Business Outlook rating is based on Glassdoor users' answer to the question: "Do you believe your company’s business outlook will get better, stay the same or get worse in the next six months?" This is a particularly salient rating given what the company and its employees have been through for the past six months.

In April, Time Inc. employees' business outlook rating as at an all-time low of just 16%. As of today, that rating rests at 17%.

In December, 2017, 50% of Time Inc. employees would have recommended the company to someone else. Today, that percentage is at 41% and dropping.

Interestingly, the number of ratings of Time Inc. has dropped as of late, likely due to people leaving the company.

Finally, this mix of overall rating type shows the general mediocre reviews that employees have given Time Inc.

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