The "Failing New York Times" isn't failing when it comes to data

5 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Facts, News, Trends

President Donald Trump has an adjective he likes to use for The New York Times ($NYSE:NYT): "Failing." He almost never mentions the paper without the word ahead of its name.

It's unclear what he bases his claim on. It's possible that he's simply positing an opinion on the quality of the coverage from the Old Gray Lady which, in his defense, hasn't been terribly complimentary of his performance so far.

But being that he's a numbers guy who loves to talk about ratings, we thought it would be useful to look at how The New York Times is doing when it comes to trends in data that help show what people think of the paper.

Social Media Ratings

Twitter is President Trump's favorite messaging platform, where he often takes to the digital airwaves to let his 53.9 million followers know what he has to say about current events, where he's holding rallies, and call out the media on what he describes as "Fake News."

When it comes to Twitter, The New York Times is doing quite well with 41.8 million followers. The followers count has been on the rise since we began tracking it in 2016. The only dip, seen in July 2018, was part of an overall "Twitter Purge" that saw follower drops in virtually all accounts as Twitter went on a dead-account and bot removal mission.

The Times' Facebook following is also healthy, with a steady rise since 2016. The paper has even seen a bit of an acceleration in Facebook Likes this summer, netting out at an impressive 16.2 million followers as of publishing. For comparison, Fox News Channel has 16.5 million followers on Facebook.

Employee Workplace and CEO Ratings

Trump won the 2016 election with a message that promised he'd run the country like the companies he's run: as a no-nonsense CEO who is trusted by his employees. He also likes to talk about his ratings as CEO of the country.

So when it comes to Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times, he's doing well-above average in terms of approval ratings from employees on anonymous workplace review site Glassdoor. In fact, his current 82% approval rating outpaces the Glassdoor average CEO rating of 65%.

Overall ratings of The New York Times as a workplace have been on the rise since last fall, inching up from a low of 3.5 out of 5 to today's 3.7. While it's not a perfect 5 (we've never seen a workplace with a perfect 5 score on Glassdoor), this rating appears to be moving in the right direction.

One of the more interesting Glassdoor ratings is the "Business Outlook Rating". This is where current employees are asked to rate how they think the business is doing, and how they think it will do for the next 6 months. As you can see, this metric is on the rise, moving from just 39% to 64%.

In other words, those who work at The Times — and those who follow them on social media — certainly don't feel as though they're failing.

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