Our Addicted America: The US visualized as a Christmas tree of pharmacies

1 year ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Facts, News

Here's a fun little visual tidbit for your afternoon. Or morning. Or both depending on which pill you popped most recently.

With the opioid crisis on our minds and big-phrama mergers on our brains, it's at least interesting to take a look at where America's largest pharmacy brands are located.

As you are likely aware, CVS, one of America's largest pharmacies, is set to buy Aetna, one of America's largest healthcare providers. Meanwhile, Walmart continues to open pharmacies in all corners of this crazy country of ours.

Given all of that, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at where CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart are located throughout the United States. We did this using a brand-new tool here at Thinknum that we call White Space (while we find it fascinating as journalists, this also allows our users to look for new territories for their retail businesses).

The results are — well, they're beautiful, if at least in a Blade Runner dystopian sort of way. So here you have it. A map of America and its three biggest pharmacies splashed about like microdots. Bon appetit.

Stay tuned for more visuals on this, as well as a look at pharmacy locations cross-referenced with other macro data like income and employment.

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