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Pinterest, Spotify, and Tinder were the most-used apps of October

1 year ago by James Mattone in Tech

Last month, we detailed the most popular third-party apps and websites that use Facebook login tokens right after a data breach affected about 50 million users.

The order of the most-popular apps hasn't changed much for October in our database, although some minor movements in their monthly active users ranks made for some interesting shifts before the Holiday season.

Name Monthly Active Users Rank (October Average)
Pinterest 2
Spotify 3
Candy Crush Saga 4.67
Tinder 8
TripAdvisor 10.11
Wish 11.33
YouTube 13
Airbnb 16.89
Candy Crush Soda Saga 19.56
Badoo 27.11
Texas HoldEm Poker 28.89
Yelp 30.44

Pinterest, Spotify stabilize

After a slight slump in the beginning of September, both Pinterest ($PINTEREST) and Spotify ($NYSE:SPOT) have firmly cemented themselves as two of the top third-party apps by monthly active users rank.

Right as they are rolling out a new in-app advertising strategy, Pinterest was consistently the app with the second-most monthly active users. Of course, with that many users compared to tens of thousands of third-party apps, the "un-social network" could be ready to breakout in the coming months.

Spotify comes right behind them, ranking third during the entire month of October. Although it's a far cry from its renaissance around this time last year when it was the #1 app by Facebook login tokens, its still an improvement over a less-than-stable late summer.

Tinder cools down

Despite a resurgence in late September, the userbase from Facebook login tokens for Tinder ($NASDAQ:MTCH) dropped off in October, which reflects a similar trend of the past two years.

If history is anything to go by, Tinder does well in the heat of the summer and "cuffing season," which according to their data, begins in late November. And given its summer surge, it might just be its best winters season yet. continues to grow

Let the holiday gift ordering season begin.

The privately-owned e-commerce platform ($WISH) moved up a full rank in monthly active users by Facebook login tokens, which coincides with its official page being one of the top gainers of the month.

Although a proposed raise in rates on packages shipped from China loom over the company that lists hundreds of thousands of imported bargain goods, Wish still appears to be well in the fight against traditional retail giants like Walmart, as well as the ultimate e-commerce goliath Amazon.

Yelp needs help

Yelp ($NYSE:YELP) faced a brutal summer for its app, and although it is still comfortably ranked in the low double-digits, it faced another monthly active users rank downturn this past month.

It's average rank dropped from 29.13 in September to 30.44 in October, putting it below the popular online game Texas HoldEm Poker as well as newly tracked dating service Badoo.

A new waitlist feature installed in participating restaurants might give Yelp a new avenue to bring in more users, but for now, their outlook in terms of Facebook login tokens is not looking bright.

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James Mattone

James is the Associate Editor at Thinknum Media, mainly covering video games, food, and tech news, but not afraid to head into Sephora or beauty brands if need be...

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