Numbers You Need to Know for December 5, 2018

7 months ago by Thinknum Media in Features

Good morning. We're one full week into Numbers You Need to Know with no signs of stopping. Here's what you need to know for today:


The cost of commuting by car in New York City in one's lifetime, according to The study only accounted for "gas and vehicle maintenance costs associated with commuting," so that doesn't include the price of the car you get... Or the amount of therapy hours needed should you need to take the Cross Bronx Expressway every day.


The average percentage discount of Apple ($NASDAQ:AAPL) products at Best Buy ($NYSE:BBY) as of December 1st, according to Thinknum's database. Only 167 products were discounted on that day, compared to 192 products discounted at an average of 13.136% on December 1st last year. Apple is reportedly shifting members of its marketing team towards boosting sales of its most recent iPhone line, and is said to be offering more discounts overall, which are signs that sales may have missed their projections.


The number of stocks being traded today as the markets are closed for a national day of mourning as we remember former President George H.W. Bush.

Join the businesses who have begun to edge out competitors by scouring the web for “alternative” data.

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