Jamie Dimon's approval rating from anonymous employees hits new heights

6 months ago by James Mattone in Trends

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($NYSE:JPM), may not be running for a spot in the White House any time soon, but can still lay claim to some impressive approval ratings among all chief executives at large businesses.

At an event held at the bank's headquarters on Wednesday, Dimon remarked that he could have beat current President Donald Trump if he chose to run against him in a campaign. Naturally, he caught flak from the President, who used his first tweet of Thursday morning to question the CEO's "aptitude or 'smarts'" and to call him a "nervous mess — otherwise he is wonderful."

While Dimon quickly retracted that statement an hour after his speech, we still wondered what Dimon's approval rating was at his company; those ratings are often the talk of the current President, and Dimon has his own approval rating on the job website Glassdoor. Through anonymous employee reviews, we're able to see how much private support Dimon gets from upper management to tellers and interns, and on the main JP Morgan Glassdoor page, that looks to be positvely overwhelming.

Dimon's rating remained consistently above the 90% approval threshold, and has increased three percentage points since this time last year. His rating is so good, in fact, that he was among the top-100 most-liked CEOs in Glassdoor's 2018 Top CEOs list for large companies (with 1,000 employees or more). He isn't relatively high in the rankings, but he is in front of the chief executives of Apple, Nike, Prudential, and Whataburger.

Of course, not every American citizen works for Chase, but for now, Dimon can claim an impressive approval rating among his employees. And it seems he's happy staying in the private sector, with Dimon and JP Morgan's board agreeing in January that he will stay as CEO for another five years.

James Mattone

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