HTC employee reviews were dropping before the massive layoff announcement

8 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in News

HTC ($TPE:2498), the Taiwan-based consumer electronics company best-known for a successful run of smartphones and VR headsets, has been struggling to maintain market share. As a result, today it announced massive layoffs amounting to 1,500 positions — or 25% — from its Taiwan-based manufacturing operations.

Here's a look at the company from a data-trend standpoint to understand how it's fared over the past year or so.

The cuts are massive, and they're a sign that HTC is capitulating leadership to smartphone rivals Samsung and Apple. This will certainly change internal culture at the company, so we take a brief look here at how HTC has been doing when it comes to employee numbers on LinkedIn as well as rating trends on employee-review site Glassdoor.

Employees on LinkedIn

The company claims that it has 6,450 employees globally, although LinkedIn data that we track shows around 8,700 employees likely due to contractors and "phantom employees" who've yet to remove HTC from their profiles.


Overall ratings are at an average 3.3 out of 5 stars. This comes after a February lull of just 3.1. The pickup occured after HTC's unveiling of its high-resolution Vive Pro VR headset at CES in January.

CEO Rating

Employee opinions of CEO Cher Wang have been on a slight decline all spring and into this summer after a high of 64% just before holidays 2017. Her overall rating now sits at a below-average 58% (where 65% is average, according to our sources at Glassdoor).

Business Outlook

Employee business outlook ratings for HTC have been poor for a while now, hitting only 22% at the end of 2017. Poor sales results and reinvestment in the company are likely to blame here.

Recommend to Others

Asked if they'd recommend working at HTC to others, less than half — 48% — would do so at this point.

Ratings Count & Mix

The above graphs describe the number of reviews employees have posted to Glassdoor overtime along with the raw mix of review scores given. The downslope in reviews is likely due to data scrubbing or other outliers being removed by Glassdoor.

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