How big is has Prime Day become since 2015? A look at the data

9 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Facts

You may have noticed from dozens of headlines that today is Prime Day, the day on which Amazon ($NASDAQ:AMZN) drops prices and moves inventory. It's become a big deal — almost as big as Black Friday.

The above graph illustrates people "talking about" Amazon on Facebook since July 2015. The bar chart below illustrates how chatter from announcement date to Prime Day itself to post-Prime Day chatter increased every year.

Prime Day 2015: July 15

This is the first year we have some data on Prime Day chatter. In 2015, Prime Day fell on July 15. On that day, conversations about Amazon jumped from 100,000 to 150,00 in just two days by July 17, presumably when people were chattering about the deals they scored.

Prime Day 2016: July 12

In 2016, Prime Day was announced on Jun 30. On that day, there were 87,300 conversations about Amazon. By Prime Day on July 12, chatter screamed to 170,000 conversations, peaking on July 14 at 262,000 conversations.

Prime Day 2017: July 10

Amazon announced 2017's Prime Day on June 29. On that day, chatter about Amazon on Facebook was in a valley at just 139,000 conversations. But by Prime Day on July 10, that number jumped to 191,000. On July 17, a week after Prime Day, Facebook saw 300,000 conversations about Amazon.

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