Hermes CEO Axel Dumas' approval rating hits high as Fashion Week kicks-off

2 months ago by James Mattone in Trends

Fashion week is here in New York City, with models and other celebrities strutting the latest from fashion houses around the world. One such designer they may be wearing is Hermès ($EPA:RMS), the French luxury brand that produces high-end leather handbags, watches, and scarves, and accessories.

While Hermès accessories are adorning LeBron James in Harlem, its employees are busy preparing fall fashion shipments. And they couldn't be happier doing so under their CEO, Axel Dumas.

When we looked at the Glassdoor ratings for the top 10 CEOs for Consumer Products Manufacturers — that includes everyone from luxury goods to cigarette companies and toy manufacturers — over the past month, Dumas has topped them all.

Name CEO Rating: CEO (%) (Min) Rating: CEO (%) (Max)
Hermès Axel Dumas 0.97 0.97
The Clorox Company Benno Dorer 0.94 0.95
Unilever Paul Polman 0.94 0.94
Japan Tobacco International Eddy Pirard 0.93 0.94
Garmin Clifton Pemble 0.93 0.94
Hasbro Brian Goldner 0.91 0.92
British American Tobacco Nicandro Durante 0.91 0.92
Nike Mark G. Parker 0.91 0.91
Estée Lauder Companies Fabrizio Freda 0.89 0.9
Nestlé Purina Joseph R. Sivewright 0.89 0.91

No other luxury goods manufacturer even cracks the top ten, which makes Dumas' rating a true anomaly. Dumas, the great-great-great-grandson of Thierry Hermès himself, was originally co-CEO of Hermès with Patrick Thomas, but took solo reigns in 2014. Since July 2017, company employees have continued to approve of him, taking his rating from an already solid 85% into the stratosphere.

Under Dumas, Hermès has seen some incredible growth, hitting record-high profits last year with €5,549 million in consolidated profit, and €1,922 million in income. Dumas was also happy to give shareholders a €5 bonus per share due to these profits in March. It's pretty clear that his employees who review him on Glassdoor, including this intern, are pleased with their salaries and benefits.

(French translation for this intern's "Pros:" Wages and privileges/benefits within the company)

Hermès doesn't seem to have a spot during fashion week, but are instead staging a major pop-up event in New York next weekend.

As for a disclaimer to our methodology, we only looked at companies with at least 100 ratings in order to statistically pad any small or new companies that haven't had a significant number of reviews to make the data useful. We also include every CEO's lowest and highest ratings over the past month in order to understand any movement in rating throughout the month.

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