Here's what people are ordering via Alexa Voice Shopping

1 year ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Facts

Now that everyone and their mother has Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants after the holiday season (they sold incredibly well - story coming about that soon), we thought it would be interesting to take a look at what, exactly, people are ordering with the devices.

The data is pretty straight-forward: We are now scraping Amazon’s ($NASDAQ:AMZN) Voice Shopping Special Offers, order ranking, and daily inventories as a way of tracking what it is people are verbally asking their assistants for, who makes it, and how much it costs.

And, hopefully, we’ll learn a little something about the ways people are using voice shopping.

So what are people ordering? And why (the “why” part is all conjecture on our part)?

A couple notes: Keep in mind that when you order something for the first time, if you don't specify a brand, Alexa will recommend "Amazon Choice" products that, as you can see below, tend to be Amazon-branded. And for Thinknum subscribers, the data set is here.


Why: People have dogs, people run out of dog food and panic, so they shout, "Alexa, order dog food." This is one of the best-reviewed dog foods (4.5 stars over 1,081 reviews), so it would make sense that this is an easy get for anyone with a hungry pooch.

What: Wickedly Prime Chicken Noodle Soup, $21.54

Why: It's winter, people get colds, people love chicken noodle soup, and this is the default chicken noodle soup when you ask Alexa for a dose of Jewish pennicilin.

What: Amazon Presto! Biobased Hand Soap, Wild Citrus Scent (6 pack), $17.49

Why: $17.49 for 6 12-oz pump bottles of hand soap is a decent deal in any scenario. Add that to a scenario in which you are out of hand soap, and it's no wonder that this is an Alexa best-seller.

What: AmazonFresh Direct Trade Nicaragua Coffee, Medium Roast, Ground, 12 Ounce, Pack of 3

Why: People run out of coffee - it's not a pretty scene - and 3 packs for $23 gets you from no-coffee to coffee in 2 days, which, when you're out of coffee, is the most important thing in the world.

Other things most-ordered via Alexa voice include (in no particular order):

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