Glassdoor on Glassdoor: How Glassdoor rates itself

9 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Features

This week, Glassdoor ($GLASSDOOR) - the anonymous workplace rating site that we often cite here at Thinknum Media - was sold to Japan's HR and recruitment company Recruit Holdings ($RECRUITCO.LTD) for a healthy $1.2 billion in cash. When asked what this means for the future of Glassdoor, CEO Robert Hohman explained in a blog post that things will remain the same for users of the site:

"Our mission has been the same since day one: to help people everywhere find a job and company they love. That mission will not change as part of Recruit. Glassdoor will continue to operate as a distinct brand to fulfill this mission — and will be able to do so with greater speed and impact than we could achieve alone."

But what about the internal culture at Glassdoor itself? It may seem overly meta, but Glassdoor has Glassdoor, Inc. employee ratings on its own site, so as the company enters into its new era as part of Recruit Holdings, we thought it'd be interesting - and fair - to see how it fares.

For its overall rating, Glassdoor has received at least an average 4 out of 5 stars or above from employees.

Employees seem to love CEO Robert Hohman, who has seen a 90%+ rating consistently. Glassdoor tells us that the average CEO rating on the site is 65%, so Hohman's score here is notable.

Business Outlook has been largely positive historically, but as of late - coinciding with the news of the acquisition - employees appear to be a bit down on the future. This is likely because the founders have taken their financial exit with the acquisition, and there is likely skepticism about the future of the company as part of Recruit Holdings.

Employees have increasingly recommended Glassdoor as a place to work for others. This rating has even seen a notable rise in recent weeks leading up to the acquisition.

This final graph shows the mix of ratings from anonymous reviewers of Glassdoor on Glassdoor. As you can see, the majority have been 5-star ratings, and the minority have been 1-star.

It's clear that people like working at Glassdoor. That, or Glassdoor communications officers have access to Glassdoor data on their own site. We're guessing what we're seeing here is a bit of both.

UPDATE: Glassdoor reached out to us to assure that there's no funny business going on when it comes to their numbers:

"Glassdoor employees, including communications professionals, don’t have the control to edit or manicure reviews. Our reviews are as organic as it gets," said Sarah Stoddard of Glassdoor Corporate Communications.

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