GM had just 26 openings leading up to layoffs; employee sentiment plummeting

1 week ago by James Mattone in Facts, Trends

General Motors ($NYSE:GM) continues to to cut jobs as reports today indicate that 4,000 more workers will lose jobs through involuntary layoffs.

These planned layoffs come just after job listings at the company hit all-time lows in the past month, with as little as 26 individual openings at the company being listed.

From September 26, 2018 to February 3, 2019, the number of job openings at General Motors has decreased by 89.15%.

General Motors is currently in a realignment period, shuffling around jobs to put more resources towards autonomous cars and away from poor selling vehicles. However, the number of job openings at the company has decreased since late September, which was almost two months before announcing its restructuring plans.

GM said earlier in 2018 that it would discontinue certain car models over the next several years, but the gravity and timing of these changes was not as predictable from the outside perspective.

While job openings stalled, sentiment at the company as seen via Glassdoor anonymous employee workplace review data is in decline. The approval rating for GM CEO Mary T Barra is at 89%, a solid percentage on its own (Glassdoor CEO average is around 65%), but over time, is her worst in the past 18 months.

Employee ratings for GM's Business Outlook — what current- and former- employeesthink about the company's future over the next six months — and Recommendation ranking are in a freefall as layoffs take place.

If all goes right with General Motors, the company could save $6 billion by 2020. But, knowing the history of General Motors, one of the biggest companies bailed out by the federal government back in 2009, all might not be well for the American automaker.

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