Black Panther is the #1 super-hero movie - how's the merch doing?

1 year ago by Jeremy Bloom in Trends

Over the weekend, Black Panther blew past The Avengers to become the #1-grossing superhero movie in the United States, and it's well on track to smash more records as well.

While it still can't compare with the box-office beast that is Star Wars, Black Panther is doing extremely well in terms of merchandise sales, dominating the Amazon rankings for the past two months as you see in our chart below.

Black Panther

With no sign of slowing down, the Disney/Marvel blockbuster is now:

  • #5 for the US in history, with $630.9 million at the box office
  • #12 all-time highest-grossing film globally, with $1.237 billion in ticket sales

Disney took a big chance by adding this arm of the Marvel Universe - and marketing a major blockbuster with an almost entirely black cast. But Black Panther proved there was an audience. A huge audience.

Jeremy Bloom

When Jeremy Bloom isn't writing about energy, the environment, or the amazing strangeness of modern life, you can find him drinking really good single malt whisky...

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