Apple will gain a beloved app but skeptical workforce in Shazam

5 months ago by Connor Ibbetson in Facts, Trends

Music identifying app Shazam was purchased by Apple ($NASDAQ:AAPL) back in December 2017 for a reported $400 million. Although the European Commission (EC) launched an investigation into the acquisition this April, it seems that they are going to give "unconditional approval" of the purchase, according to recent Reuters reports.

So what is Apple getting in Shazam should the EC give the approval? According to our data, it gains an app that is doing well in the eyes of its users, and a satisfied workforce that is a bit skeptical about the future.

Shazam works by sampling audio files, generating an "audio fingerprint" called a spectrogram that it then compares to its database of 11 million songs to tell the user what they are listening too. This app is doing well on the Play Store for Android, where its managed to boost its average rating to 4.4/5 after a steady decline in the last year. 

As for the Apple App Store, the iOS version of the app sports a consistent 4/5 rating from users. 

Much like its app, Shazam is also getting glowing reviews as a company. Looking at the Glassdoor metrics, things are looking pretty positive on most fronts. 

The overall ratings of the company by employees on Glassdoor gave the comapny a solid score, despite a slight dip recently, 3.9/5 is by no means a bad score. 

Shazam CEO Rich Riley, a former Yahoo executive, has keep favorable reviews from his employees, with a consistently high score in the high 80s. 

However, when looking at how many Shazam employees have a positive outlook on the music ID app's future, things are a little different. 

Only 63% of those working for the company were positive about the companies future, perhaps uncertain about what Apple's acquisition could mean for them. With the EC set to make their decision by September 4, that outlook could clear up if Apple is given full approval, or if the move is blocked despite recent reports.

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