Apple HomePod: Space Gray outpaces White in sales

1 year ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Facts

It's one thing to decide that you want to invite Apple's HomePod - the company's entry into the smart speaker space - into your home.

Sure, it's seeing stellar reviews when it comes to audio quality and not-so stellar reviews when it comes to Siri smarts. It also has the technology industry buzzing about Apple's future plans for the device - will they move into the home theater space? Will they introduce larger HomePods? Will Apple finally make a TV to go along with HomePod?

But here's the real question we at Thinknum Media are pondering: If you will be picking up a HomePod, will you do so in White or Space Gray?

So far, it appears that Space Gray is outpacing White, at least at retailer BestBuy.

After being on sale just a few days, the Space Gray HomePod has tracked to BestBuy sales rank of 433 for all products sold as of Saturday, February 10. The White version, on the same day, was sitting at spot 1,154. In fact, Space Gray has led White since day one.

Of course, these numbers are super early and for just one retailer. But so far, it seems people are preferring their HomePod in a deeper shade of seamless mesh fabric.

Joshua Fruhlinger

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