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America's retail landscape: mapping where we shop and eat

8 months ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Features

The American dream and the American retail store go hand in hand. Open a shop, make a profit, buy another shop, rinse, repeat, buy a home, franchise, and you're winning. Mention America's most successful companies and you'd be hard-pressed to not mention McDonald's, Walmart, Starbucks, or even Sears.

They have one major thing in common: retail outlets to which Americans swarm and spend their money. As we head into the final week of Christmas shopping, we take at look at where American retailers do their business.

The map below is a snapshot of the United States with the locations of 7,300 businesses mapped out (click for a larger version).

Represented in this map, among thousands others, are: Denny's, PetSmart, Bass Pro Shops, Bloomingdale's, KFC, McDonald's, Cinnabon, Kmart, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Skechers, Gymboree, and about 7,300 others.

As far as cities that have the most retailers (keep in mind this also includes everything from wi-fi hotspots trying to cash in on your Facebook addiction to e-cigarette dealers at the corner bodega), New York tops the list, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.


Entity Name (Count)

New York


Los Angeles










San Antonio






San Francisco


Happy shopping!

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