We’re Thinknum, and we’re about to tell the stories behind the numbers.

So why should you care? I mean, you already read great journalism written by journalists who fact check and name solid sources. We’re not out to replace them. Instead, we’re here to augment them, and to tell the stories based purely on the universe’s most factual element: mathematics. In fact, we think they’ll be using us as sources to tell even deeper stories than we can. And we’re okay with that.

Math, numbers, maps, and formulas are the universal truths. They count, they compare, they show movement. They tell stories.

And we’re here to do just that.

If you'd like to read our complete manifesto, see "Why Thinknum Media?"


Publisher: Joshua Fruhlinger


Benjamin Chertoff

Amy Lamare

Ed Zitron

Gabe Gleason

Co-founder and CEO: Gregory Ugwi

Co-Founder and President: Justin Zhen

Design: Philip Litassy

Engineering: Vojtech Rinik

Sales: Thomas Masciale

Strategy: Katya Chupryna

Engineering: Sangwon Seo

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