Where to find us on Facebook, Twitter, the radio, etc.

2 weeks ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in Features


Since we're new in these parts, we thought it might be nice to let you know where to find us on the internet.

As for our huge team, you can find all them here on Twitter:

If you listen to the radio, or stream it online, you can find our Publisher Joshua Fruhlinger on W4 country every Wednesday morning on Breakfast with Bubba.

If you just want to get in contact, click here.

Finally, if you want to know what we're all about, read "Why Thinknum Media?"

Joshua Fruhlinger

Joshua has been writing about technology, lifestyle, and business for over 20 years. He's one of the original writers and editors for Engadget, and still writes about tech and lifestyle for the Wall Street Journal. You can find him on twitter at @fruhlinger

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